Recently I had a chance to contribute to a group work on flexible displays and one of their practical uses was having a visual display in a motorcycle helmet. This could be used to display relevant situational information for the rider. While researching my contribution to this I found it really hard as the more I looked into this the more I found that I did not agree with it. Yes this was practical for pilots and maybe military in the field but for motorcycle riders? No ways!

As long as motorcycles remain the same with the rider in control and with the high death rates, adding a visual display will only increase the problem. The biker would need  to concentrate extra hard as he/she has to divide attention between the outside, real environment and what is displayed on the visual display. This creates different sources of attention and some people find it really hard to multi-task therefore creating a recipe for disaster.

I think having a visual display in a motorcycle helmet would be more of a pain than something that would solve a non-existent problem. We would just have more accidents happening as a lapse in concentration could prove fatal. So do riders need a visual display in their helmets? I think not. They need all their faculties to concentrate on avoiding all the cars on our roads and having a visual display is only asking for accidents to happen.